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      Added voice chat meeting, removed Zulip · 359f5e81
      Mathias Jud authored
      Instead of Zulip we are using the IRC channel as our developer chat.
      The Zulip link was removed from the web page.
      Every week we're having an open voice chat meeting on jitsy.
      This information was added to the participation section.
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      Design proposal initial main page draft · 29b363ec
      Mx Kookie authored
      This commit (and subsequent PR) creates a design alternative draft for
      the qaul.net website. It aims to do three things:
      1. Better perceived space utilisation. On devices with medium
         resolution screens (i.e. older laptops) the page shouldn't feel
      2. Reduce colour noise. The current design is very colourful, which
         makes it visually quite heavy. It's a style that's frequently used
         in "industry websites", but doesn't lend itself (in my opinion)
         well to free software projects, that are less about selling
         themselves but education.
      3. Center "qaul.net" as the object of the page, not a byproduct. In
         the current website design, the emphasis on "Internet Independent
         Wireless Mesh Communication" removes the qaul.net as the object of
         the page. While I think it is important to mention the side-effects
         of the project and connections to other efforts, the website for
         "qaul.net" should primarily be about the achievements of _this_
      Additionally to that, I think this proposal fundamentally needs to do
      address two things:
      - Style changes
      - Content
      - Black and white creates visual contrast, while remaining relatively
        neutral and easier to perceive than blue as a primary colour.
      - Only using a black background in the header and footer makes the
        content section feel wider, making it easier to read the text.
      - This proposal also adds another section of text between the "mesh"
        section and the "feature" section.
      - This proposal swaps "multi lingual interface" for "account
        recoverability" and "ad hoc wifi" for "delay tolerance". I feel that
        both of these points are more important to emphasise (a multi
        lingual interface should be kind of the default modus operandi!)
      - So far all "fontawesome" icons have been removed. They add a lot of
        noise and should be used sparingly. I'm not against adding them in
        again later (some looked really cool!), but I thinkk we need to
        think about where to apply them and how.
      - The opening line is obviously written from a western perspective. I
        feel that having a simple opening like that would be important, but
        we can look for other viewpoints to highlight. The old qaul.net
        website emphasised "tools for the next revolution". I don't think we
        should stop talking about this. qaul.net can and should be useful
        for people going to the streets, as well as providing platforms to
        become internet independent with.
      - So far I'm unsure how to display the "Downloads" section. I like the
        idea with the symbols. In the original draft of this page, platforms
        were simply listed as a list of bullets. Maybe we want to put all of
        this on a separate page? I really don't know.
      - I think putting the "Contribute" section back in is a good idea, but
        I haven't played around with it yet.
      - The footer is so far largely unchanged (and currently disabled) but
        I don't expect it will need _that_ much work.
      Co-Authored-By: Alyssa Ross's avatarAlyssa Ross <hi@alyssa.is>
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