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Static Apache Webserver Configuration
Ready to use quassel server docker-compose configuration.
This configuration uses the linuxserver docker image:
## Install
# clone repository
git clone
# move into directory
cd quassel-core
# start the quassel server
docker-compose up -d
### First Time Configuration
After starting the quassel server you need to configure it via the quassel client:
* Start the quassel client on your computer
* Connect quassel client to your server
* You will be guided through the quassel core configuration steps by your client, including:
* create an administrative account
* select a database type
## Docker-Compose Usage
# start quassel server
docker-compose up -d
# stop quassel server
docker-compose down
# upgrade container
docker-compose pull
version: "2"
image: linuxserver/quassel-core
container_name: quassel-core
- PUID=1000
- PGID=1000
- TZ=Europe/Berlin
#- RUN_OPTS=--config-from-environment
- ./config:/config
- 4242:4242
restart: unless-stopped
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