Labels can be applied to issues and merge requests. Group labels are available for any project within the group.
  • C: Build System
    Building platform binaries and applications
  • C: CI/CD
    Anything to do with CI, testing pipelines and automatic deployments
  • C: Core
    Anything in the core logic of libqaul, stuck between the service API and the routing core
  • C: Docs
    Developer and user documentation
  • C: GUI
    The immediate UI
    The RESTful service API layer
  • C: Network Module
    Bindings to or for a specific networking backend
  • C: Routing Core
    RATMAN routing-core related
  • C: Service API
    libqaul external service interface
  • C: Testing
    Codebase testing in general
  • L: Blocker
    An issue that blocks progress
  • L: Critical
    A critical bug that can result in data loss or leaks
  • L: GSoC
    Label for GSoC related things
  • L: Tracking Issue
    Label to indicate tracking status
  • P: Android
  • P: Embedded
    Either embedded linux (RPi, ...) or a metal embedded platform
  • P: Linux
  • P: MacOS
  • P: Windows
  • S: Accepted