1. 26 Jan, 2020 8 commits
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      netmod-mem: Update to async Endpoint interface · b0c26a55
      Leonora Tindall authored
      This provides rudamentary support for the new async Endpoint interface
      in netmod-mem, but does not take full advantage of the new, expanded
      features that such an interface provides. Specifically, new work in
      BroadcastMedium is needed to ensure that async programs can take full
      advantage of its API.
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      ratman/netmod: Async interface for netmods · aa6ee44d
      Leonora Tindall authored
      This uses the #[async_trait] macro from async_trait 0.1, which is
      currently the recommended way to do async fn's in traits. However it is
      not optimal for performance since it requires indirection and we can
      hope that this requirement will be removed eventually.
      The poll() and listen() functions are replaced with a single function,
      next(), which uses a poll-based interface on an &mut of the netmod,
      meaning that only one future from next() can be out at once.
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